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MOTION TOUR 5 | Chau Belle

MOTION TOUR 5 | Chau Belle #Skochy #MotionTour Idea of MOTION TOUR workshops is to [...]

Motion Tour 4 / Williams Belle

Motion Tour 4 / Williams Belle locations: Rijeka, Zadar, Vela Luka Instructors: Williams Belle Saša [...]

Motion Tour Asia – Art Du Deplacement

MOTION TOUR ASIA Motion Tour concept is born in Ex Yugoslavia 2012. When Skochypstiks organized [...]

One color one flag – Motion Tour documentary

“One color one flag” Is short “Art Du Deplacement” documentary from ex-Yugoslavia filmed on Motion [...]

MOTION TOUR 3 / Yann & Laurent

Motion Tour 3 / Yann Hnatura & Laurent Piemontesi locations: Beograd, Zagreb, Ljubljana Instructors: Yann [...]


Motion Tour 2 / Laurent Piemontesi One week tour lead by Laurent Piemontesi (Yamakasi) Organized [...]


Motion Tour – Laurent Piemontesi “I thing it is important to do conditioning, because my [...]

A Monumental Tour. Part 9: Knin

Part nine of our epic trip across Former Yugoslavia. Catch up here: part one, two, three, four, [...]

A Monumental Tour – Part 1: Zajecar

In April 2017, Sasa, Kosta and I went on a crazy road trip across six [...]

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