TRACERS COLLECTION Our new Winter 2016/17 Tracers collection campaign was shot by Matej Snopek and Boris [...]

Skochy Facts

Shorts stories about Skochy There is a whole decade (and a little more) behind us [...]

The ShortsX

THE SHORTSX From ancient history to modern day – biography of a shorts Back in [...]

Skochy Jam – Zadar

SKOCHY JAM Zadar – June 2019 Skochy Jam is happening again, 8 years after the [...]

Skochy Interview | Thomas ‘Des Bois’ Couetdic

I hear that you hate being asked how you started training. Why is that? And [...]


Skochy Interview | Bogdan ‘Boki’ Cvetković

Hi Boki! 2003 was 15 years ago, That’s more than half of your life!  Back [...]

A word from the Founder

If someone said 8/9 years ago that I would make clothes, I would laugh very [...]