Can you say ‘skochypstiks’ 10 times and VERY fast?
Show us in your stories or in a post and get a chance to win a pair of FOREST Motion pants!

Easy in 3 steps 


1. Make a video of you (or a friend of yours, mom, dad, son, daughter, cat, dogo, parrot, etc…) trying to say ‘skochypstiks’ ten times in a row. While seating, eating, moving, flipping…

2. Post it in your story or in a post. Tag @skochypstiks and #Skochy so we can see it and share it! Do it on Instagram and/or Facebook.

3. Check our page on Monday 16th to see if you have won a pair of Forest Motion pants!

Our distinguished members of the jury will choose the best pronunciation, speed and creativity amongst your stories.

Good luck! 

How to say SKOCHYPSTIKS ? 

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