Stick It Blue T-Shirt

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Stick it Challenge 2022

That one tee with a flaw (but you can turn it into a flow!) – this one is a SUPER limited series. Because these T-shirts have a typo on the printing, hence the price. They are made of the highest quality cotton and with the highest quality water printing, so we still want to offer them to you. You know the saying, “The man who does things makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all—doing nothing.” So, apparently – we have been working over here 😀

After all, this is a limited edition of limited edition, they might gain some extra value over time!

100% pure cotton

The skeleton represents us all as practitioners. Intentionally without reference to ability, race, sex, age or physique. We all share the same love of parkour and especially sticking jumps.


Made locally in Serbia, as all Skochy products are.

Stick it - Notebook

The pressure is high and the landing surface is slippery. You have no other choice but to stick it.

size A5: 14.4 x 21.4 cm
white paper with lines
elastic band to hold it closed
elastic band to hold your pencil
pocket on the back cover
made from renewable sources

Made in Serbia, like all Skochy products.

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