We are from the Balkans. Our history was stormy, and our childhood wasn’t ideal. But when parkour came into our lives,
it showed us how healthy tool it actually is, and taught us how to exceed the obstacles not just around us.

Motion Tour has the same goal. It showed people how strong parkour discipline is, and how great is the strength in us, and between us. Our mission was to connect people. People of different age, different experience, different aspirations. To join them in a common goal, to train, to socialize, to have fun, to travel, to share the energy and the spirit of movement. To learn from one another, and to teach each other. It was also an opportunity to meet and train with some of the parkour pioneers, the Yamakasis.

LAURENT PIEMONTESI, a Yamakasi and a co-founder of Art Du Deplacement

I went for the first time in Ex-Yugoslavia in 1996 as a soldier. 15 years later I came back as a practitioner of L’art du deplacement.
We said many things about Art Du Deplacement, but we didn’t say so much about its capability to unite people. Naturaly.
In Art Du Deplacement we don’t say we have to be all the same, but we need to accept and respect our differences. They are our power and our wealth!

SAŠA ŠEVO, one of Motion Tour organizers, and its founder

The first Motion Tour happened in 2012 through Croatia and Serbia. Every next Tour included some other Ex Yugoslav country.
For five years of organization, we have visited 15 different cities and have trained with several hundred people. Besides Laurent, the Tour hosted three more Yamakasi founders: Yann Hnautra, Williams Belle, Chau Belle. All together, they left an important mark of togetherness, that will surely remain among new generations of parkour discipline, and beyond.

The whole Motion Tour project was created as a result of many people united around the idea, and their will and persistence brought it to reality. There were no sponsorships, no big corporations, no money, we had only people (for people in motion by people in motion) with strong will and big hearts. And that was more than enough.

Motion Tour later became interesting even beyond Ex-Yu boundaries, so we decided to realize it further. Motion Tour Asia in 2014 and USA in 2015 had the same idea and shared the same spirit – it united people from different sides of the planet, and proved that no matter the language, race, history or beliefs, we all share the same spirit.