We are ’Made in Serbia’ simply because we cannot declare as ’Made in Yugoslavia’.

But the truth is we are all from the Ex Yu region. However, Skochypstiks clothes is produced in Subotica, in Serbia, and policy of our company is to support small local manufacturers. It may not be the cheapest production, but it is a way to support the economy of our country and encourage our compatriots.

We design and create everything related to Skochypstiks.
From our logo, colors, cuts, shapes, sizes, to Skochy stickers, and recycled material packaging – everything is homemade by people in motion.

Your opinion is the most relevant opinion for us. In order to create the most comfortable, durable, flexible, unique and creative garment, we need your feedback. So don’t hesitate to tell us everything, because we are eager to move forward and to develop.