is a homemade brand from Serbia.

The idea itself came naturally, since most of our team began training parkour, many years ago. We simply couldn’t find the perfect outfit for all the jumps and rolls, so we created it.

The entire process of creating all Skochy gear is made with our own hands. Ideas, design, cuts, colors, details, packaging – we do it all. We invest our hearts in what we do, believing it’s the only way we can do it right.

Through the years, Skochypstiks became a bit more than just a clothing brand. With our philosophy and Motion Tour and other projects, our goal is to make people move and enjoy themselves and others in that movement.


Believing that we are born to move, we decided to combine movement and fashion. Kristina’s creative craziness in fashion brought us to all the unique shapes and colors that define our brand as what it is today, while Saša’s energy and creativity come from his passion for movement, and could meet the needs of people in motion firsthand. This duo turned out to do quite good, combining the qualities of one another into a unique brand of clothing.

It was first the name, Skochypstiks, that was created back in 2008, and few years later the idea of a clothing brand came to reality. It was, and still is, the first and only clothing brand designed for people in motion, by people in motion, in the territory of former Yugoslavia and Balkans.

The word Skochy (skoči) means ‘jump!’ in serbo-croatian, while ‘pstiks’ is simply a suffix added for the complexity of the word – we just wanted to make it a little harder to pronounce. Obstacles are all around us in parkour world, aren’t they?

All additional work related to our company is done by people in motion. People who move every day and share our passion for movement and training.

Kristina’s creative craziness in fashion brought us to the unique shapes and colors that define our brand as what it is today. Kristina started her fashion studies with bachelor degree in Zagreb, Croatia then moved to Milan, Italy for master’s degree at the Academy of fine arts Brera. There Kristina started training  so she could connect with movers on a deeper level and understand movement so she could design clothes that fit the body perfectly but are also fashionable.

Kristina Ivković
Fashion Designer

Saša Ševo

Saša’s energy and creativity comes from his passion for movement. He has been a driving force of parkour / Art Du Deplacement development in the region since 2005 and has been dedicated to inspire, teach and share the true spirit of training and movement, encouraging the sense of togetherness in the wider parkour community. And even further. In 2008 is created the name Skochypstiks which in 2011 became a name of clothing brand which he co-founded with Kristina.