Skochy Interview | Brandee Laird

Athlete, coach and general badass Brandee Laird is an inspiration to athletes around the world, [...]

We Are Not Gymnastics

#WEARENOTGYMNASTICS  This isn’t about keeping art du deplacement and parkour the same, or about it [...]

A Monumental Tour. Part 2: Veles

Part two. And still only day one. Having just driven 250km from Belgrade to Zaječar, [...]

Inclusive Practice and Parkour – Why be Inclusive?

After recently giving a talk on Inclusive Practice at the Art of Retreat, I agreed [...]

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Skochy Interview |Stephane Vigroux

My name is Stephane Vigroux, I started training parkour in 1998 in Lisses with David [...]

Skochy Interview | Kurt Gowan

I’m Kurt Gowan, I have always lived in the Chicago area. I have been training [...]

Skochy Interview | Dani Sampayo

I’m Dani Sampayo, from Irun, Basque Country, and I am parkour/add practitioner and instructor. Also, [...]

MOTION TOUR 5 | Chau Belle

MOTION TOUR 5 | Chau Belle #Skochy #MotionTour Idea of MOTION TOUR workshops is to [...]

Motion Tour Asia – Art Du Deplacement

MOTION TOUR ASIA Motion Tour concept is born in Ex Yugoslavia 2012. When Skochypstiks organized [...]