You have a gym? A company? You organize events often? Let’s collaborate! You can resell Skochys in your hometown and bring it closer to everyone there. We will make a special offer for you, so you can make profit while spreading good gear and inspire people to move.

let's collaborate

We are made locally, environmental friendly, with the highest priority on gear quality and support to our fellow traceurs. Skochy can get you custom made clothes with your logo and specific color options. By buying wholesale you help us to be able to continue sponsoring important events around the world. Investing in people and giving free gear to the traceurs in need is something we always do, and buying wholesale makes it even more present. Together we are investing back into the world of motion. 

Test before getting big order! Skochy will give you 20% off to buy one piece of whatever you want to test from our shop. Then, if you find our gear meets your needs, go wholesale! 

Use coupon code: SkochySample

Shop Sample


  • 10 pairs – 10% OFF 
  • 20 pairs – 20% OFF
    One model in one color 
  • 30 pairs    –  25% OFF
  • 100+pairs – 30% OFF
  • Your logo embroidery – 3.75€
    Discount will be applied to the logo

Long sleeve

Patch Pants

Motion Pants PRO

Baggy Motion Pants