Skochy Interview | Ross McGachey

Hi Ross, who are you?  I am a traceur, a pilgrim, an adventurer, and a [...]

Skochy Interview| Jesse Danger

I am Jesse Danger, from Brooklyn NY, I am a part of The Movement Creative. [...]

Skochy Interview | Kevin Francomme

My name is Kevin Francomme. I am 29, from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean [...]

Skochy Interview |Stephane Vigroux

My name is Stephane Vigroux, I started training parkour in 1998 in Lisses with David [...]

Skochy Interview | Kurt Gowan

I’m Kurt Gowan, I have always lived in the Chicago area. I have been training [...]

Skochy Interview | Dani Sampayo

I’m Dani Sampayo, from Irun, Basque Country, and I am parkour/add practitioner and instructor. Also, [...]

Skochy Interview | Gareth Whittaker

My name is Gareth Whittaker. I am a parkour coach living in the west coast [...]

Skochy Interview | John Hedge

  My name is John Hall. Although everyone calls me Hedge. I’m from Edinburgh in [...]