I am Jesse Danger, from Brooklyn NY, I am a part of The Movement Creative.  
I guess you have idea to move for a long time, are you preparing your body for the future, to be able to move?

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I train to be more capable today than I was yesterday. I focus on strength, mobility, control, and awareness. I choose long term growth over temporary gains, patience and persistence are my discipline. What do you think, can we / you teach future generation to feel same passion as you feel? The most important thing is that coaches and practitioners are teaching, learning, and practicing something that is alive. Every single person who comes into the world of movement has something to add so it’s our job to show them that it’s valuable, we respect it, and that as a community we will learn, grow, and become better because of it.

My strongest motivation

is to create something that has not been created before. I look for new ways to interact with the environment and for elements and features that I have not interacted with before. I feel like it is finding new life in my self and in my city. The movement creative
If you can change something in the history of this discipline what would be? I think parkour has and continues to overcome obstacles in perception, growth, and practice. These obstacles have helped to make parkour what it is, just as our obstacles help to make us who we are. What is your view on competitions between people and competitions with yourself? I think there is only one competition and that is with who you used to be. Our challenge is to become better than we were yesterday. Competitions amongst other people can be a part of an individual’s journey, but to find the answers or satisfaction they are looking for will ultimately come from looking within. What is your goal with MOVEment creative? My goal with the Movement Creative is to change the public perception on the use of space for movement within New York City. I believe that movement enriches the space it utilizes. I believe that the city belongs to the people that live in it. I believe in the human right to move. Thank you Jesse, that was very inspiring. Keep the flow. Photography: Steve Zavitz Videography and Photography Skochypstiks clothing www.skochypstiks.com


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