Smash Monday | Wall Run

#SmashMonday – Wall Run Wall run is one of the most commonly used techniques in [...]

Smash Monday – ep 22 Shoulder flexion

Shoulder Flexion If you’re a person that has trouble with his overhead mobility and lifting [...]

Smash Monday – Assisted Leg Dip

Assisted Leg Dip If your goal is to get your first Dip, then this post [...]

Smash Monday – The Perfect Pull Up

The Perfect Pull Up The Perfect Pull up After we have accomplished our first Chin [...]

Smash Monday – The Split Squat

THE SPLIT SQUAT The Split Squat Unilateral leg training is a MUST when it comes [...]

1 Hour 1 Bar – Evan Beyer

Beforehand Going into this challenge the idea was to stay on one bar while balancing [...]

Smash Monday – Press to Handstand

PRESS TO HANDSTAND   Press To Handstand Pressing up to a handstand is a pretty [...]

Smash Monday – Core Training

SMASH MONDAY – Core training   When it comes to core training, that is something [...]

Smash Monday – Single Leg Squat

Smash Monday – Single Leg Squat  When it comes to training for the SLS, box [...]