The Perfect Pull Up

The Perfect Pull up After we have accomplished our first Chin Up and Pull Up it’s time to move to a bit harder variations. In this case – The Perfect Pull Up. The Perfect Pull Up is going to increase the recruitment of our Latissimus dorsi and our middle Trapezius. This exercise is going to challenge you trough every possible way. It’s going to get a lot harder to do same reps you did in regular Pull Ups, but if you are looking to pack on some muscle and strength, this is the right way to go.

The proper way to do this exercise and to activate the Latissimus dorsi is to elevate your scapula when you are hanging from a bar before engaging the movement, this will stretch out your Latissimus dorsi. Engage the movement by depressing and retracting the scapula, pulling the elbows down and back.

Following this you will have a full ROM (range of motion) Getting your chest to the bar will be a challenge at first, but don’t mind if you can’t do this. It will come overtime.

Exercise by: Petar Smash, personal coach.

Instagram: @smash_training Facebook: @smashtrain

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