The Split Squat

Unilateral leg training is a MUST when it comes to symmetrical muscle development, correction of strength imbalance, building strength, increasing mobility, coordination and balance.

One of the best things about weighted movements for the lower body is that if you do them in the right way you can build your strength and mobility at the same time. So when you look at it in the way of splitting the mobility and the strength days for the lower body, it is actually not necessary… you can have them both in the same day.

When we are creating a program we are looking for the best possible exercises that can save us time and give the best possible results in the quick periods of time, and this exercise falls in that category.Doing this exercise correctly with the flat heel, knee going past the toes, chest upright and the back leg relatively straight you are stretching your hip flexors, adductors and calves while increasing your strength.

Challange by: Petar Smash, personal coach.
Instagram: @smash_training

Facebook: @smashtrain

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