Smash Monday – Single Leg Squat 

When it comes to training for the SLS, box step ups are a really effective way to reach that goal. Looking from the side when doing a Box Step Up you can see that by increasing the height of the box you increase the angle of the step up, which will later look like a Single Leg Squat.

Focus on doing a fast concentric and a slow eccentric (lowering). This will build the strength through the whole range of motion. Doing the Bulgarian Split Squat with the knee going past the toes can help you gain the mobility or increase the volume for the SLS.

You can also focus on doing Single Leg Squats with the assistance of your arms. (grabbing the rings, a wall or any object that can help you). For any information regarding this exercise feel free to contact me.

Challange by personal coach Petar Smash Ivančević 

Petar Smash
Personal Coach

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