SMASH MONDAY – Core training


When it comes to core training, that is something we plan to do in the end of our workout, because we need the use of our core in the technical work and our main strength movements. Dedicating 5-10 min can have a major impact on our core, and on top of everything, you can just focus on these exercises 1-2 times per week and still have benefits. 
There are 3 exercises that you can do with minimal equipment that will be enough, but yet effective.

Hanging Leg Lifts – This is a really great exercise that will strengthen your abs & hip flexors. 
It will improve your ability compress and on top of that you are improving your active flexibility. 
There are a couple variations you can do to keep it interesting overtime.

Lying Side Crunch – When it comes to internal & external obliques this exercise will do it. 
It can be divided into two parts – separate leg lifts, upperbody lift and all together. 
To keep it interesting try 5-10 reps of everything in one set.

Arch Lift – to keep the balance we must also focus on our lower back. And without equipment this can be a really legit exercise. This exercise can also be divided into three parts.
Leg rises, upperbody rises and all together.

Training by: Petar Smash Ivančevic

Petar Smash
Personal coach

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