Smash Monday | Warm-Up

#SmashMonday – Warm Up With winter around the corner we will talk about the warm-up, [...]

Skochy Challenge | Blindfolded Balance

#SkochyChallenge – Blindfolded Balance Can you close your eyes and find the balance?  Blindfolded Balance! [...]

Skochy Interview | Brandee Laird

Athlete, coach and general badass Brandee Laird is an inspiration to athletes around the world, [...]

Regular Motion Pants reviewed by Andy Day

The Perfect Sweat Pants? It’s such a simple item of clothing, but what do we [...]

Smash Monday – Cossack Squat

COSSACK SQUAT     The Cossack Squat is a form of a mobility where you [...]

1 Hour 1 Bar

One HOUR, One Bar   Imagine walking for an hour. Easy, isn’t it? We do [...]


Smash Monday – Core Training

SMASH MONDAY – Core training   When it comes to core training, that is something [...]

A Monumental Tour. Part 7: Makljen

Part seven of our epic trip across Former Yugoslavia. Catch up here: part one, part two, part [...]


Let’s talk Skochy Denim Language! The first product of the “Ninja” Collection just dropped . [...]