Let’s talk Skochy Denim Language!

The first product of the “Ninja” Collection just dropped . “Ninjas” – The Game Changer! I’m super happy to announce them properly and to give you more insight into the story behind this collection. First let’s explain all this “Ninja” stuff.


Why the NINJAS name?

For the first time ever we have let you, our fans, customers and most importantly our co-developers, “people in motion”, to choose the name of our new product. After a proper fight between Ninjas and Slimstiks, Ninjas obviously won the battle (kicked Slimstiks’ ass!)

My job after that was to create a story around it, start doing the marketing, and to develop the rest of the collection. This part is not written in stone, nor there’s a rule that I should do these kind of things, but I simply like creating stories. Besides, I’m passionate about the work I’m doing. Therefore, you are getting your reading material, whether you like it or not. HA!


or how I like to call it “Art Du Deplacement”, has an interesting history, and I like to rely on all of that because of my history and my involvement in the discipline.

As we all know, everything started in the suburbs, right on the street, where those young kids – Yann, Chau, Laurent, Williams, and others  – were fighting for their passion and for their own freedom. They started pushing themselves, not because they had to, but because they wanted a challenge, they wanted to adapt and to be strong…

Obviously they succeeded in that! The next step was to expand this idea, planting a “Yamakasi Movie” seed that quickly took over the globe (and got me as well).

Afterwards, many of us witnessed and were involved in another phenomenon: teaching. Along with the founders, over time we developed this discipline into schools, events, police, firefighters, TV shows, movies!

Hey! We completely changed the concept of movement and the industry as well!

Now that’s something, right?!

Why this NINJAS product?

The challenge, the thrill of it and constant striving for progression! Just like at the very beginning, the hunger for expansion is always present. During many of these changes, the clothes changed as well and now we’re heading in new directions. To put it simply, as we adapt and expand, so does our clothing.

You could recognize baggy “Parkour”/street style, and you still can. That’s because it is all around us and hopefully there will be more and more of it. And I f***ing love it! My 13-year-long practice was always a part of this and it’s deeply engraved in my heart. And it’s a big part of our culture. But we are going further and looking for new challenges.

Now the time has come to infiltrate the system. We want to bring movement to light, to city centers, business districts, and to people who didn’t have the opportunity to see it, feel it, or who have had any doubts and misunderstandings about what it is that we do. And what better way there is than to become one of “them” and infiltrate it from the inside!

Change to NINJA MODE! Change the system and make it better! And we all know that “Ninjas” are the best in doing exactly that – infiltrating and sneaking in.

We Run For The Challenge!

So YEAH! We people in Motion are those people who are efficiently moving all the boundaries and are constantly hungry for a new challenge. Physically, mentally… you name it, we’re on it. Same story goes for Skochypstiks. Our DNA is made of this idea and making Skochy Denim was truly challenging, but we truly did RUN for IT!

A couple of months later and we have created something for which people say:

“These pants are so comfortable. These pants are so comfortable I want to die. Not right now, but whenever I do I wanna make sure I wear these pants so I have a smooth ride to the after life.”

“Just 200% better than all other denim in the parkour word!”

“Today marks the 24th day in a row I’ve worn my ninjas (except one day when I washed them and went naked). 10/10 would wear again tomorrow.”

“So good that I even want to sleep in them”

…and so on! – I didn’t make this up! That’s all you guys.

And my heart is full whenever I get your reaction and hear your feedback. It’s such an amazing thing, living in the moment, creating something that so many of you will not just wear, but become a part of it! F*ck it, I’m simply in love with all of you!

Why are NINJAS so unique?

It can easily be said that they’re made out of very durable material.

TWILL is an amazing technique of weaving diagonally and it will give you better durability than any other material! That also means that we could use only natural material! You may wonder why they’re so freaking comfy!?

HEY! 98% cotton and only 2% elastane will give you the best feeling you can get from denim pants. NO POLYESTER!

Wait! Am I forgetting something?!

Oh yes…there is another 101% of dedication, passion, love and knowledge that we secretly packed into every pair of pants, but that’s something you can’t see on the website – you need to order a pair. 😉 (Yes, I’m also trying to sell something here) hehe!

What’s coming next with NINJAS collection!?

I’m afraid I can’t tell you, but I promise it will be a good one, as always. Haha sorry for teasing!

Help us develop and understand!

For all of those who already have them, please leave a review on the website, help other people in their decision making, and moreover, help us to understand more and make even better things in the future!

You can also join us in the Facebook group – the Skochypstiks Lab.
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Hey, most importantly, stay in motion and challenge yourself.

Sasha is out.


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