I knew you before you started your two years of studying under Ido Portal. Since then I saw a huge progression in your training. So, what can you say about the experience of being trained by someone, and what you did you gain from it?

Well, more than a training, the one under Ido’s team has been an apprenticeship. A delicate touch of support, care and honesty in a hard shell of rigidity. I found some precious people I want to support and be supported by.

Ido has always been encouraging me to move forward and gave me a lot of direct and indirect directions and clarity via his work and researches. By looking at his way of processing things, of operating and developing I felt a need to catch up and to raise the stake of everything I was doing.

I gained the understanding that is hard to be a teacher and even harder to be a good student. That there is a time to step back and to invest money, time, energies and a time to step forward into the unknown to make things work at all costs. Like Confucius always reminds us from underneath: “If you are the best in the room, you are in the wrong room”.

We know you are offering an online coaching service. Do you find it is a useful method?

Well, coaching has many forms. Live, distant, personal, group based etc. I consider distant coaching just one of the many shapes it can take. If done right, it can help somebody grow, reshape and progress. If done wrong it can damage. Which one of the two variations am I delivering? You can ask my students. 😉

With “ParkourWave”, your association in the north of Italy, you guys have been doing an amazing job. What were the most important steps for you that you think would also benefit other upcoming/growing associations?

Thank you. I would tell everyone first of all to believe in what they are doing. To be united and plan on the long term. Then work your way up very slowly and make sure you can handle everything that is coming your way before you take a step forward. You want to handle problems before they come. Grow too fast, too big and you will explode like a bubble of soap. Our most important steps in nutshell were: 1. Creating a formal organization. 2. Aiming towards a mutual goal with passion. 3. Creating a worldwide network with like-minded people. Think global, act local. Voila – I even gave you a great slogan.

For more about Parkour Wave: 

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You had your reason to start doing parkour. Your approach to training changed with time but many get lost along the way. What keeps you moving forward?

Of course, my motivations to train parkour changed over time. In the beginning, everything was new and I was very young and naïve (when I started I was only 15!). Back then, there was just an unstoppable strong cloud of energy pushing me forward, asking me to learn something new every day. I wanted to confront myself with harder challenges while trying to find out who I was, where my limits were, where I could go in my life. Little was brought into the upper conscience and my days were more similar to dreams than reality. I guess that’s what adolescence is like.

Today, I am older in age and a lot of water passed under my bridge – I did not lose a single day from then. Now, there is much more strategy in what I do. Now I think twice about everything, about the hows and the whys as well.

I now know where I am going, and I am appreciating every step of my journey. I want to create communities, long term processes and leave a substantial contribution in this world, creating original material. I understood this is my way and that it is a beautiful path to walk in our limited time on earth. I believe it is something that almost transcends motivation. In essence, my choices coincide with my life.


How important is it for people that decide to coach parkour to go into formal academic education? High level degrees etc? What are you planning to do with your Master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning?

Oh, from my perspective? It is necessary: for everybody. But, the typology of degree doesn’t matter. You have a Master of Science in philosophy? That’s as valuable as my master in strength and conditioning to train people. A degree teaches you to think (not to get practical) and to confront yourself with the greater thinkers of all ages. And the brain is the most important organ to train. You think you are smart? Check out a PhD project by some mathematicians out there, then go cry in a hole. Academic education is a big slap in the face and a reality check. You need to RUN to keep up. Especially if you are in a good university. Of course, that without practice is like going to war naked (with a beautiful body tho!). Personally, I plan on putting the degree inside my pocket and to use that tool whenever I need it, for myself and for others. I believe S&C is one of the most valuable elements into someone’s development, so not knowing it is problematic and can lead to injuries and frustrations of all kinds.

I know you as a really disciplined and organized person. Tell me, what is your next step?

Ah, my next steps, I will just go as far as three years from now or there will be less surprises for you: Publishing my personal website while expanding the business, creating some more free broad content for public usage while writing some more processes and researches for my students. Writing my dissertation and trying to publish it in literature, finish my Master’s. Categorize elements and start writing a book …maybe. Delivering workshops worldwide and opening a space to use as a base for experiments and an elite center for people’s development. Enough for you?


Parkour brands?

I think they are important. The sustainability of a practice is somehow bound to business as well to a certain extent. I appreciate more a community that sustains itself rather than one that is a slave of non-parkour based corporations, federations, brands.

You have supported SKOCHYPSTIKS for a really long time. Thank you for that. What do you think we should do in the future to help parkour communities and maintain the relationships that we have created over the years?

Guys, it has been a pleasure so far. I will always be here to support likeminded individuals and those who do things for their hearts at first, and for business as a second aim. About your question: I will give you an answer, it’s 120 € per hour for this professional advice. Haha!

No, you are doing a wonderful job, keep listening to people’s necessities, being true to what you do and being involved in the growing community. So far, time is telling a good story.

Thank you Marcello for hosting me and feeding with some awesome food! I was having a blast interview you, while going around the Padua and moving together! Wish you all the best with all your future projects and looking forward for all NEW MATERIAL!

Stay in Motion and keep sharing! 

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