Skochy Challenge | Serbian Climb Up

#SkochyChallenge – Serbian Climb Up Spice up your climb ups with a little Serbian magic.All [...]

Smash Monday Ep 21 – Shoulder Extension

Shoulder Extension Increase your shoulder extension If you are into strength training or any type [...]

Smash Monday – Chest & Triceps Workout

Chest & Triceps Workout Workout Guideline Dips – 6-10 Reps Wide Push Up – 8-12 [...]

We Are Not Gymnastics

#WEARENOTGYMNASTICS  This isn’t about keeping art du deplacement and parkour the same, or about it [...]

Skochy Interview | Bogdan ‘Boki’ Cvetković

Hi Boki! 2003 was 15 years ago, That’s more than half of your life!  Back [...]

Skochy Interview | Marcello Palozzo

I knew you before you started your two years of studying under Ido Portal. Since [...]