Shoulder Extension

Increase your shoulder extension If you are into strength training or any type of sport that requires you to use your upper body, you know that shoulder flexibility is important because it reduces your chance of injury and increases your range of motion. In this topic I will discuss the shoulder extension and how to increase It using 2 simple exercises:

1. The German Hang
This exercise is will stretch your pectoralis, shoulders, biceps and forearms if done correctly.
2. Loaded Shoulder Extension
This exercise will strengthen your triceps and your rear deltoid, but also since it is and active stretch it will stretch the front of your shoulder and biceps.

The reason I like these 2 exercises is because they get the job done

Start by grabbing the bar with the supinated grip, jump up and lower down into the German Hang. The width of the hand placement can be wider than shoulder width and this will mainly depend on your current shoulder flexibility.

In the beginning you can use your legs to assist you with this exercise, until you get stronger to do it with the legs off the ground. This exercise will stretch your pectoralis group, shoulder, biceps and forearms.

Hold this position for 20-30s and straight after this exercise continue to the loaded extension. On the loaded extensions.

Grab the bar with the supinated grip – with palms facing forward, from here lift your arms back as much as you can and hold the top position for 2-3 s.

Since this is the strengthening exercise feel free to add weight to the bar. This will strengthen your triceps and rear deltoids and since we are using those muscle groups we are actively stretching the front of the deltoid and the biceps.

Moving through this ROM you will increase your shoulder extension mobility and flexibility.
Do this exercise for 6-8 repetitions. And repeat this for 3 sets total

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