Shoulder Flexion

If you’re a person that has trouble with his overhead mobility and lifting his arms above his head this video will help you fix this problem. The two exercises I am going to demonstrate in this video are the Superman Cat Camel and the Lower Trapezius Stick Raise.

For the first exercise you are going to need any elevated surface you can find that’s around your hip level.
While doing the Superman Cat Camel it’s important that your arms remain straight and close to your ears and your shoulders should be elevated and closed so you could apply pressure with your arms. All of the movement should be located in spine. At the top position flex the abdominal muscles and keep the head straight and aligned with the arms, doing this you will apply pressure onto your shoulders.

Straight after this you will begin arching and pushing your chest to the floor. Here your head should follow up with the arching also because you will be able to open up more. If you keep pushing down with your head, you won’t be able to arch.

Make sure your legs are not too close to your chest because you won’t be able to perform this movement. Pushing the legs further back will increase the intensity and the load on the shoulders. Repeat this exercise for 6-8 reps with a 2s isometric hold on each end and a 10s isometric hold at the top in the last repetition.

Straight after this you will follow up with the Lower Trapezius Stick Raise.
Grab a bar and lay down on the ground face down. Keep the head on the floor and avoid lifting it during the exercise.

The Lower trapezius stick raise will help you activate the lower trapezius which will also help you stabilize your shoulder blades and improve your posture. This will increase the strength in the ROM you are currently going through which will help you increase your shoulder flexion.

Follow up with 6-8 reps with 2s isometric hold at the top and a 10s isometric hold at the last repetition. After you have finished this tow exercises rest from 1-2 minutes and repeat this 3-5 times.

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