Assisted Leg Dip

If your goal is to get your first Dip, then this post might help you get there. The Leg Assisted Dip is a good way to start with the development vertical pushing strength. The whole idea is to use the legs as little as possible, but just enough so you can do the movement.

How to do this correctly?
1. Start from the support hold position with the arms fully extended, shoulders depressed and protracted. Set the feet back just by bending in your knees, so your body can stay upright.

2. Eccentric (Lowering) should be slow and controlled and the use of legs will be less than the concentric part. Avoid shrugging the shoulders or pulling them back. Keep pushing them down while doing the Dip.

3. Concentric (Pushing) should be fast. Don’t cheat by pushing with your legs, try to keep the leg assistance to a bare minimum so you can put in the work.

4. Go deep as you shoulder mobility allows you. You shouldn’t feel any pain nor discomfort during the movement. When you start getting stronger try to remove the legs in the eccentric part of the movement and help yourself only in the concentric.

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