Wide Push Up

Like with any other exercise we do we need to know how to do it correctly, so we can avoid injuries, save some time and gains. Imagine doing a whole cycle and realizing you have been doing the exercise wrong. It can be frustrating.
Wide Push Up on the gymnastics rings is a great exercise to develop the chest and horizontal pushing strength.

How to do this exercise correctly?

1. Start by setting up the rings and getting into the push up position.

2. The straps of the rings should go right against the forearms. If the straps go on the outside of the forearms your will be going into the “Chest Fly”.

3 . Shoulders should be protracted and depressed in the top position of the movement.

4. Lower down in control with the elbows below your shoulders (this will keep the shoulders in a stable position, so you will avoid any unnecessary injuries)

5. In the bottom of the Push Up your shoulders should retract.

6. Push Up fast, straighten out your arms and squeeze them together to activate your chest more.

Avoid flaring of the elbows and shrugging of the shoulders in the movement or any unnecessary bending of the lower back, hips and knees.

The body should be in the straight line all the time.
To make the exercise easier, go more vertical with your body. The more horizontal you are the harder the exercise becomes.

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