THE challenge! 

There was a lock-down for most of us and internet almost exploded of people doing a lot of weird stuff in their houses. Most of the physical challenges and excercises were too easy or not challenging enough for parkour people. So we thought – why not do proper old school challenge, something that Yamak would do? Something crazy. Something really challenging.

So we wrapped up a nice Skochy gift, wrote down the challenge we created and sent it away to our friend in Finland. 

And now we present it to you – the first one! 

501 SAUT DE CHAT (kong to precision) by Panda Ilén 

1. What was your first thought after receiving the gear together with the challenge?
When I received the gear and the challenge I felt excited and honored.

2. Was it too easy? Since you completed it, we won’t ask if it was too hard. It obviously wasn’t.
I knew right away that even though I had five days to make it, I will do it in one. It surely wasn’t too easy, at some point I thought that I can’t make it till the end.

3. How did the leggings do?
The leggings were great. Felt almost like wearing nothing at all!

4. What is your biggest takeaway from this challenge? And would you do it again? 
Most of all – this was a mental challenge. Seeing that I’m able to do that if I’m just persistent enough was amazing. I would do it again but after I’ve had a proper rest.

5. How long did it take you to complete the challenge and what was the hardest part?

It took me 5 hours and 30 minutes. I took a snack break after 200 jumps because I was so exhausted and hungry. That was the hardest part, after a couple of hours being already exhausted and knowing I’m not even half way there.

Feel free to challenge yourself! We will be happy to share your story and experience of it. 

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