It all started many years ago and simply because you, people in motion, asked for it. We were green in making clothes for motion and wanted to try it all (just like we still do!), so this is how the first collaborations with ADD Academy in Paris and Formainarte in Milan came to life.

Later on, many teams and schools in the world of parkour/add/freerunning were formed, so we made our ’add your logo’ option official – a branded Skochys just for you!

What can you expect from Skochy? 

  • Highest quality clothes made by people who have been making parkour clothes for a decade so far
  • Already proven and tested fabric for all kinds of movement 
  • Variety of products and colors 
  • Local production here in Serbia (Europe)
  • Discount on bigger amount
  • Professional and efficient realization

Due to production costs (everything we make is locally produced in Serbia), we limited these branded items to ten – you can choose at least ten pieces of Skochy pants, shorts or sweaters and we can add your logo on it. When it comes to tees, options are even bigger and we can make basically whatever design you want, but minimal numbers are a little higher depending on the tee shape, fabric and colour.

Don’t like our colour offer? No problem. 
We can make our gear in many more colours than the ones available on our website, you just need to contact us and we will see what options are available at the moment. We assure you we will meet your needs.

How can I order? 

  • Choose your favorite Skochy item 
  • Take minimum 10 in order to get your logo embroidery
  • Send us your logo (you will be able to attach it on our website)
  • When order is placed we will need maximum 30 days to make everything before shipping 


Many schools decided to distribute Skochys that are school branded to their local community – this way they offer high quality gear while promoting their local community and classes. We offer wide variety of shapes and colours while also making these orders more affordable so the reseller could make an income as well, or even offer lower prices to their students.
Take a look on some of the collaborations we had and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have at info@skochypstiks.com Stay in motion!

Parkour Motion Pants - Grey

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