Rail balance marathon for mental health is a project organized by David Banks, from Ukemi Project and you can find out more about it (and donate if you can) on the link below.

Raising awareness is what Parkour’s been doing since the moment it appeared. This #RailMarathon is another great example of the amazingness of our community and of how strong we are when we are together.

My Mile

I approached this challenge with the idea to do it in the first attempt, and so I did. After finishing one mile in about 45 mins, I decided to make it one hour (one bar), and finally, I stopped at 2km (1h03m).

Find a rail, balance for one mile. Give a few coins if you can to support Parkour One (Germany) and Freeyourinstinct (UK), and the money raised will provide access to specialized Parkour sessions and tailored support. Balancing is great training for you, raising awareness by balancing is a great help for people in need. Start together, finish together. And help everyone on your way.

Watch here some of the participants:

Check out here my full video:

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