Build Your Floor

This challenge is a mixture of ’A to B’ and ’Floor is lava’ and, since you are only allowed to use certain items, you need to build your own path in order not to touch the ground. Besides being fun to do, it surely will improve your balance while having good impact on your legs and back.

Too easy?
Make it a speed run! Choose your tools and your distance.
Be creative and use different objects as your ’tiles’. Also, you can build your floor almost anywhere so this
#parkourchallenge is completely quarantine friendly.

We know this period of time may be challenging for many of us, but don’t let it be a reason not to challenge yourself in a fun and useful way!
Challenge your family and friends, make it a game with your kids – tag #Skochy and we’ll share your game happily!

Stay healthy and stay in motion, always.
#Skochy – for people in motion 


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