Stick it 3


Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery through parkour? Welcome to Stick it Challenge 3: The Triple or nothing, where dedication, hard work, and personal growth are the ultimate rewards.


In Stick it 3 Challenge, we’re going back to the roots, challenging you to step out of your comfort zone, and become a better practitioner. It’s not just about sticking jumps; it’s about mastering them in a way that transforms you. 


Once is never, Twice is luck, Triple or nothing! 

The concept

Visualize this: You stand before a jump that’s more challenging than any you’ve faced before. Stick It Challenge is all about pushing your boundaries, whether it’s mental or physical, or a combination of both – depending on your choice. Breaking the jump is your first task, Sticking it 3 times in a row is your goal! 


how to participate?


  • Multiple Entries: Participants are encouraged to join multiple times during the month of October. Each entry must feature a different jump that challenges them in a unique way.

  • Video Freedom: There are no time limits for your video submissions. Whether you create a short and snappy Instagram Reel or a full-length cinematic masterpiece, the choice is yours. Let your creativity flow in telling the story of sticking jumps! 

Stick it T-shirt


Stick YOUR name on it!

And what if you become the ultimate Stick it Master?

Skochy will create a unique item for you – you will receive the Stick It T-Shirt and a pair of shorts/sweatpants by your choice with your name under the ‘Stick it master’ label. A Skochy item no one else has in the world!

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