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To all of you wearing Skochy in the European Union

We cannot express how grateful we are for your support. Skochy owes its existence to individuals like you, who stand by us through thick and thin.

We understand that EU shipping can be quite a headache. It wasn’t always this way. To put things in perspective, when you order one pair of Skochy pants and pay for shipping (which seems to get more expensive by the day), you end up spending around 100 EUR. However, when your Skochys finally arrive, you’re hit with an additional 30-40 EUR charge. It’s quite absurd.

@Sevo Sasa, photo by: Andy Day

Why does this happen? It’s all because of the EU law. Your EU country prefers that you only purchase products manufactured within the EU. If you buy from a non-EU country like ours, your government will make it more expensive for you, essentially taking a slice of the pie in the form of import taxes.

We’ve received numerous messages from people who can no longer afford our gear due to these import taxes. And we completely understand you – we wouldn’t be able to afford it either.

@Shino at Gerlev, photo by Andy Day

Future plans

Our plan to establish a Skochy branch within the EU is still in the works. Our goal is to ensure you receive your Skochy gear within 3-4 days of ordering, without navigating the complexities of customs, paperwork, and additional costs.

Nonetheless, operating from two different countries presents considerable challenges, and the financial burden of running two separate companies just isn’t affordable for us at this time.


On a brighter note, our friends in the UK could buy Skochy without any import costs for a few years after the Brexit happened.

However, as of 2024, this isn’t the case anymore and you also need to cover the VAT and import tax on arrival of your parcels from Serbia. 

@Ashin at RDV, photo by Andy Day

In conclusion, regardless of where you are or what you’re wearing, keep moving and stay in motion. We send our Skochylove to all of you. Your unwavering support fuels our determination to overcome these shipping hurdles and provide you with the best parkour clothing experience possible.

RDV photos by @Andy Day

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