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New year, new you? Nah, we prefer: New year, STRONGER you!


‘Finish this year strong’ is a Skochy Challenge for all of you striving to become a better version of yourself. In parkour, we only see one way to compete:

with yourself from yesterday.

There’s no time to think – tie your shoes and head outside! Six tasks are in front of you. Warm up and choose whether the EASY or the HARD version is the right for you. Number of repetitions for every task is in the video, as well as an example of the task. 

Finish this Skochy Parkour Challenge before December 31st, midnight. We would love to see and share your progress, so feel free to tag us @skochypstiks and hashtag #SkochyChallenge in Instagram.

Parkour Burpee – 101 repetition

A set of exercises where first you need to perform a push up, spring back into standing position, do an arm jump on the wall and a climb up (you don’t need to bring your feet on top of the wall). Intensity is regulated by the climb up difficulty, so for the hard version we suggest climbing up on a regular wall, and for easier version climb ups with overhand grip on a thin wall, bar, or even slanted wall is fine.

Single leg squat – 51 repetition each leg

Harder version should perform this on a bar, and easier version can either do it on a wall or a surface that is close to the ground. In this way you can touch the ground with the free leg thus limiting the depth of a squat and making it easier.

Stairs QM – 501 stairs

Quadrupedal movement up (for the hard version) or down (for the easier version) the stairs. You can choose the length you want to be doing in each set to reach 501 stair.

Hand walk up the wall – 51 repetition

With your back facing the wall, do a push up and then place your feet on the wall with your hands on the ground and start walking into a handstand. Once you reach the wall with your hands, start going down. For the hard version a push up is supposed to be performed with feet on the wall instead of the ground, and for the easy version the regular push up is recommended.

Plyo up the stairs – 201 jumps

Choose any stairs you like, and try jumping close to your maximum. There is no limit on number of jumps you can do in a sequence so it can be two jumps or ten, it’s up to you to decide. 

Traversing up/down – 201 meters 

If possible, try to find an obstacle where you can traverse on both sides (left to right and right to left) so the challenge doesn’t take its toll on just one side of the body. To make it extra spicy cross your arms while traversing.

This is our Christmas gift to you, people in motion. Use it the best you can.


This Challenge is created in collaboration with @AboutParkour – feel free to message him if you have any questions about the exercises! He is all into parkour science (BSc in Sports Science combined with 15 years of parkour training) and he’ll be super happy if you drop him a message. 

The #SkochyChallenge runs through December 2022.
Contact us with any questions, and HAPPY TRAINING!

Facebook: @Skochy
YouTube: @Skochypstiks


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