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It’s time to put a cherry on the cake. After another challenging year, all we wish for is – another challenge! But the parkour conditioning one. The one where your opponent is a year younger YOU. The one to make us strong. The one that prepares us for years to come. Let’s SMASH IT and finish this year STRONG.


Here is our Christmas gift to you, people in motion.
Parkour conditioning challenge, use it the best you can.

Finish this parkour challenge before December 31st, midnight.
Difficulty depends on number of repetitions or distance set to cross.
Choose one of three proposed levels but remember: it has to be challenging!

We highly doubt you can finish the whole challenge in a day, but it isn’t supposed to be finished in a day. We recommend taking one or two tasks per day, so your whole body gets at least a week of some serious parkour conditioning. You can join and complete this challenge together with us on Instagram

Choose your level
parkour challenge
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Share your trainings using #Skochy #SKOCHYSMASH and smash this year! Invite your friends to join, do the challenge together, share and follow #Skochy #SKOCHYSMASH hashtag so we can all inspire each other and #StayInMotion.

Check out the video to see how to Smash it! 

Outcomes of this parkour conditioning challenge? Your muscles will grow. Both of them. Your heart will beat stronger. You will sweat. You will frown. You will smile. You may even cry. You will need to shower. You will feel pain. You will most probably feel happy. You will be hungrier for all the holiday foods. Your T-shirt will look better on you. You may even want more of this. That’s why you smash it. Yes, you.



The #SKOCHYSMASH challenge runs through December 2021.
Contact us with any questions, and HAPPY SMASHING! 
Facebook: @Skochy

Challenge by: @smash_training

ENDS: December 31st

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