Stepping into 2022 isn’t just a start of a new year for Skochy. It is the beginning of a new decade of making clothes for people in motion, creating the most unique parkour and freerunning gear out there (in our humble opinion). 

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This isn’t a moment of change for us. We believe we should stick to what’s good, so we are definitely sticking to our local production in Serbia. Homemade and sustainable, and green all the way. If you can’t do something forever, then it just isn’t sustainable. Our neighborhood production allows us to do things our way, with no textile waste and no expensive half-the-world all-the-fuel transportation. No pollution on our side on this matter. Supporting the community is our priority, whether it is our local workers or the world parkour community.

Etrê et Durer (To Be and To Last)

Skochy Clothing has never offered items whose style depend on season and trends. We tend to establish certain design (which we’ve been creating ourselves from the day one), test it in motion by practitioners in-house and around the globe, and then stick to it. Each Skochy item is made with great care, in a cut that points out the elegant sporty look of a profound parkour practitioner. That’s why we are producing ShortsX since 2015, our Iron Sweatshirt is on the market for more than 7 years and our Baggy Motion Pants are made in more than 25 color combinations so far.

We all know the “to be and to last” philosophy. We are driven by it and we tend to make all our items last. Some of Skochy items have been in use for several years now and are still rolling. We wish you to train in the same manner and to have the gear that will follow you in all your adventures.  

Where to now?

Many new items for parkour and freerunning athletes are in the making, while some old ones will be redesigned and brought to perfection in the months to come. We can’t wait to show it all to you, people in motion. Your support through all these years is what keeps us going, your feedbacks make us getting better, your praise make us sigh with relief knowing we are doing something good here, while your complaints make us double check every damn detail, pocket, zipper and stitch. That’s why we make quality parkour pants and shorts. But the most important thing is that we do it all with love – love for the clothing we make, love for the discipline we are born in, and love for all of you jumping and rolling our there – people in motion.

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After a decade of making clothes and #SK10Y Collection,
this year we are all into collaborations. Collaborations with people, with companies, with athletes, with creative and skilled individuals, with parkour schools and teams, with enthusiasts. 

The very first one is the collaboration with Mina Cvetinović, a young and prominent fashion designer from Belgrade, with many fashion shows behind her. She brought to life our idea to create the Slim Motion Pants never seen before. And that’s how we present you the Hunter.

On the other hand, we continued collaborating with many athletes, but also reached out to some new ones: Gagi, a local freerunner from Serbia is thrilled to spin his Skochys in many axis, and Jaco from Italy, whose astonishing movement made our jaws drop. No different are Luke from the US and Shino from Italy, with whom we’ve been growing and shaping our gear. 

With hand-knitted beanies and scarves on the way by our dear friends from Tangled, upcoming special series for Parkour Disciplines and more cool projects we are working on but can’t tell you nothing about, we are happy to dive into more collabs in the time that comes. 

But let’s not prolong with words no more. We are really keen to see what the future holds. Because we are holding some pretty good items in our sewing machines waiting to see the light of the day (and lights in the photo studio!) and feel the sharpness of the concrete.


Stay tuned and Stay in motion!

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