Baggy Motion Pants - A decade in motion

Sweatpants that marked a parkour era

Men Jumping in Baggy Motion Pants - Red

Laurent Piemontesi in Baggy Motion Pants


In the dynamic world of Parkour and Freerunning, where every leap and roll tells a story of freedom, courage, and style, SKOCHY stands as a capstone of innovation in Parkour Fashion. In the core of our commitment to make pants that will be your daily companion for the jumping lifestyle, lie the Baggy Motion Pants. They are the symbol of Parkour Clothing: comfort, durability and a reminder that parkour culture rolled out from the streets. Beyond the surface, these sweatpants are a testament of SKOCHY’s never-ending pursuit of perfection in design, functionality and comfort in motion.


The Evolution of Baggy Motion Pants and why Skochy’s Baggies are so comfy?

While the roots of baggy pants are deep-seated, SKOCHY took a new pair of eyes and redefined it in-house. If you have ever wondered why Skochy Baggy pants are so comfy, the key is in the custom cut. The cut of the Baggy Motion Pants has been reinvented, expending comfort, durability and range of motion. The main seam, typically a vulnerable point, has been strategically moved away from the middle of the pants, where wear and tear are most likely to occur. By introducing a substantial piece of fabric between the legs, SKOCHY has not only increased durability but also enormously increased comfort and created a product that’s been approved by movers worldwide for more than a decade. And that’s the first step to sustainability and slow fashion.

Innovation in Every Stitch:
The devil’s in the details, and SKOCHY has left no stone unturned. A small yet impactful addition to the Baggy Motion Pants is the discreet hidden pocket on the front, equipped with a zipper.

secret pocket on sweatpants
Parkour Sweatpants details

This thoughtful feature is designed to keep essentials like money and phones secure and in place, even during the wildest parkour lines, up or down. It is strategically positioned where it least disturbs the movement. This little pocket is also a symbol of Skochy design since day one.

Fun fact is that small hidden pocket grew more then a double since it’s made in 2013, to fit an average phone. Originally it was imagined as a small pocket for money and keys, but essentials also changed.  

Improved waist on baggy sweatpants

Reinventing Comfort and Durability

Recognizing the importance of a comfortable fit, SKOCHY has reinforced the waistband* of the Baggy Motion Pants. Engineered to sit snugly on the hips, the upgraded waistband not only enhances comfort but also contributes to the overall durability of the pants. 

*Average sweatpants almost never have this kind of fabric construction.

The Journey: from a sketch to breaking the jumps

Our journey from the idea to actually jumping in the Baggy Motion Pants was not a sprint, nor a jump stuck from the first attempt, but a carefully navigated parkour line with countless repetitions. The cut was meticulously crafted in-house at the SKOCHY studio, in a dialog between an exceptional fashion designer and a professional parkour athlete. The Baggy recipe was born! It was a few weeks before it went from the sketch to the first prototype, and several more weeks of testing preceded the official launch in 2013, ensuring that everything we have previously learned contributes to creating the very best baggy and setting up the standards in Parkour Clothing. The bar had to be high. And the first Baggies had to be RED.

Baggy Motion Pants - Red, Parkour Sweatpants


A Dash of Inspiration from the Vigroux Brothers

The inception of SKOCHY’s Baggy Motion Pants traces back to the visionary founder, Saša, who drew inspiration from the “Jump London” documentary, featuring Johann Vigroux in a pair of red pants. That was the reason why the first model and prototype of SKOCHY Baggies emerged in a vibrant red hue – as an homage to the energy that parkour embodies.

Men jumping in red sweatpants. Parkour jump

Johann Vigroux – Jump London

The International Debut: Gerlev 2013

The Baggy Motion Pants made their worldwide debut at the 2013 International Gathering in Gerlev – the most diverse parkour event maybe even to this date. Here, parkour enthusiasts from around the globe encountered SKOCHY pants for the first time, a moment that created a spark for the brand. From the Balkans to the rest of the world, what a jump!

You know you created something good when you have these guys wearing it

Yamakasi Founders, art du deplacement. Parkour Founders

The Baggy Motion Pants gained legendary status when the Yamakasi founders — Williams, Laurent, Yann and Chau — embraced the freedom of motion in these iconic pants. Their approval echoed through the parkour community, while making our hearts pump even faster knowing that the founders of the discipline liked SKOCHY!


A Decade of Dominance: From 2013 to 2023

For a whole decade the Baggy Motion Pants are holding the throne as SKOCHY’s most sold item each year, becoming synonymous with the brand’s commitment to quality, style and, above all, the spirit of motion.


Parkour Sweatpants all colors

SKOCHY’s commitment to meeting the diverse preferences of the community is evident in the 33 different colors in which the Baggy Motion Pants have been produced. Besides being an obvious proof that we really like colors, it is also a reflection of the vibrant and dynamic individuals who choose SKOCHY.

After all, it is easy to find black or grey pants, right? Here, we’re choosing colors to paint over the grey world.

Crafting Parkour fashion

Although Baggy aesthetic didn’t emerge from the Parkour, the Baggy style amongst Parkour athletes did change the whole big and baggy street style idea. Parkour Baggy brings that ‘always ready for motion’ vibes, over being the weekend couch potato baggy mode that still pops as the first idea to many when mentioning Baggy pants. The beauty lies in the balance, and our goal with creating these Baggies is combining the elegance into that sporty street look: Always ready to move, but chilling in between. 

As the Baggy Movement continues to gain momentum in the world of fashion, for Parkour enthusiasts it never was just a fashion choice; it’s a cultural shift, a celebration of comfort, style, rebellion, freedom and the boundless spirit of motion. 

People wearing Baggy Motion Pants - Parkour sweatpants


Collecting Moments, One Pair at a Time

Beyond being mere apparel, Baggy Motion Pants have become a collection, a testament to the admiration of their users. Some enthusiasts proudly boast more than 10 pairs, each a story of a jump, a roll, or a moment of pure parkour exhilaration.

However, what we strive for is that you find a glimpse of inspiration every time you put your Baggies on. To feel the energy put into creating them, and get the wind in your back to overcome that next obstacle.

Mini Baggy – sweatpants for the younglings 

Empowering the Next Gen of Traceurs

Have you ever wondered why would grown-ups have all the fun? We did, and that’s why we threw a shrinking pill into the Baggy Motion Pants recipe. Because let’s face it, to create a new generation that 🎵‘Moves like you, jumps like you-hu-hu’🎵 (theme from Jungle Book), they’ve got to be geared up like you, right? Always with the importance of comfort, durability and style for young traceurs, SKOCHY custom-tailored these pants with the mini-movers in mind: for every parkour school and company recognizing these values.

Kids Parkour Pants

Baggies with a Personal Touch
Custom-Made Editions and Collaborations

Sharing is caring. In that spirit we introduced the “Add Your Logo” option, so you can make SKOCHY Baggies more unique and more personal to reflect your or your company image. With Baggy Motion Pants becoming a sensation, it became evident that parkour companies wanted to carve out their own identity into them.
So we made some special series – for coaches, for parkour events, schools, and even for those eyeing a resale opportunity. From our perspective it sometimes seems like our Baggies evolved into creating their own universe.

Custom made Baggy Motion Pants, Parkour sweatpants


Since 2016 SKOCHY has been weaving collaborations and crafting custom-made Baggies that go beyond just clothing. Bringing the game to the next level in 2022, we now offer the freedom to choose your colors and details, ensuring your vision is fully realized. If you’ve got the idea how your perfect pair of Baggies should look, we can help you bring it to life and motion.


Today, Baggies are sold in over 50 countries all around the world. All thanks to you. Seems that the spark that started in Gerlev over 10 years ago is still alive, making some smoke. Let’s hope it makes a fire.

Today, believe it or not, we are sitting in our favorite Baggy pants, shoulder to shoulder in front of the computer, creating this BAGGY story. Our hearts are full going through the pictures of all of you wearing these legendary pants. What a ride!

What tomorrow brings? We don’t have a clue. What do you think, more Baggies? 

8 thoughts on “Baggy Pants – A decade in motion

  1. Mike Baker says:

    Kia ora, from NZ Aotearoa, Ive had numerous baggys over 10 years from you guys. You make the best in the World. Thats it. Simple. I wouldnt go anywhere else. Ngā mihi nui, Mike Baker

    • Sasa Sevo says:

      <3 That is also the furthest point from Serbia on the planet where Baggy Motion Pants have reached!
      Thank you Mike for this amazing long distance relationship.
      Hvala, pozdrav iz Beograda.

  2. Gregory Pike says:

    I want to get the Plum (2013) and white/grey (2014) and the colorful one (2015). How and when?
    Fyi, these pants are great for skateboarding and soft acrobatics (motion).

    • Sasa Sevo says:

      Plum should fall from the tree sometime during next year, maybe even the light grey (white). But colorful one will not be available. That was only once and it was auction. But we have some ideas in mind 😀

  3. Richard M Marshall says:

    Baggies are just great to wear all the time – as I work from home most of the time I generally live in them – today I have yellow/black spotty ones on. The explanation of the extra panel really explains a lot for the comfort. Best trousers ever!

  4. Sasa Sevo says:

    Thanks Richard!
    It took us a long time to release this blog with the whole story, but now everyone knows why they are so different. 😉
    I guess now we need this kind of blogs for every product XD

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