Parkour Conditioning challenge

New year, new you? Nah, we prefer: New year, STRONGER you!

‘Finish this year strong’ is a Skochy Challenge for all of you striving to become a better version of yourself. In parkour, we only see one way to compete: with yourself from yesterday.

We have prepared six new fresh tasks for you this December! Grab your gear, perhaps grab your training friends as well and let’s smash this conditioning task! 

There are 3 levels 🤍💚❤️  of difficulty in each of the tasks. Choose the number of repetitions wisely – it has to be as challenging as possible!

Finish the Skochy Parkour Challenge before December 31st, midnight. We would love to see your progress and share it in order to inspire others to get stronger, so feel free to tag us @skochypstiks and hashtag #SkochyChallenge in Instagram.

Handstand 180 rotate to Push Up

Get into a handstand opposite of a wall, turn for 180 degrees on your arms and then walk to a push-up position (feet on the wall). Bonus points for doing a push-up!
Number of repetitions will depend on how long you can feel your arms, so – repeat until you feel them.

Jump Splat – Bounce Back

Again, you’ll need a wall. Try to jump and bounce back from it like it’s shown in the video. The further you bounce back the better! Mark your bouncing distance and choose your number of repetitions. Bonus points if you turn on the way back.

Wall Run Footmark

Again, the wall is your companion. With a small run-up, try to reach the highest point on the wall with your feet. Mark it and start the repetitions.
Feel free to choose whether you want to try and reach the highest possible point every time, or choose the safe height and start repetitions.

Leg Raise Throw

If simple leg raising on the bar is too boring and painful, try throwing something over the bar with your feet. It is more dynamic and fun, plus you’ll practice feet throwing precision – even if that’s a skill you may never need.
Feel free to try throwing different items as well!

Pistol Squat Down Under

On a bar, make a pistol squat but pull a ball through your straight leg. This way you’ll focus on several things at the same time: squat, balance and form whilst having a task with your arms as well.

Plyometric Pyramide

For this one you’ll need stairs. Make a two feet jump on the first stair, then on the second, third and so on to the highest stair you can reach. And then go the same way back. Up and down is one repetition. Choose the number of repetitions wisely, if your legs aren’t shaking your not challenging yourself.

This is our Christmas gift to you, people in motion. Use it the best you can.

Tag @SKOCHYPSTIKS and #SkochyChallenge #FtYS

This Challenge is created in collaboration with @AboutParkour – feel free to message us or About Parkour if you have any questions about the exercises!

The #SkochyChallenge runs through December 2023.
Contact us with any questions, and HAPPY TRAINING and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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YouTube: @Skochypstiks

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