This challenge is from Panda Ilén to Mandy Lam.

This period we are in is still strange and new, filled with lock-downs for most of us and internet almost exploded of people doing a lot of weird stuff in their houses. Most of the physical challenges and exercises were too easy or not challenging enough for parkour people. So we thought – why not make a proper old school challenge, something that Yamak would do? Something crazy. Something really challenging. So we wrapped up a nice Skochy gift, and sent it away to our friend in Canada.

101 – RUN REPETITION by Mandy Lam

1. What was your first thought/reaction after receiving the gear together with the challenge?

Pure delight and anticipation for the challenge ahead.

2. By watching all the videos you sent us, it looked like it was very easy for you. Do you think you have underestimated yourself and took much easier challenge that you could handle?

You may have missed the part where I commented on my delirium midway, the 100 runs did take almost 3 hours to complete! I will work on thinking of myself more like how you think of me and take on a more difficult challenges, I like when others can see a better version of me and point it out, thanks.

3. After you have completed it, what was your first thought?

I felt like I got warmed up physically but mentally, I was drained. It was a good challenge! Thanks Panda.

4. Do you think the route was too short or the moves were too easy? 

I’m letting you in on a secret here… I have a mighty fear of 180 precisions. Putting that in a run was challenging and only at the last 15-20 runs did I start understanding how to get that movement more smoothly. I feel this is the start of doing longer routes.


5. How did the Skochy gear do?

I loved how I could put my phone in the legging pocket but my true delight may lie in the stitching detail on the sleeves of the Traceur t-shirt. Skochy gear is a good companion for all training outings.


6. What is your biggest takeaway from this challenge? And what would you change if you were doing it again?  

My biggest takeaway would be to do challenges like this more often. I wouldn’t change anything :).

Photo by: Vicky Yang

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