The idea behind this challenge is the challenge itself – to initiate an avalanche among all of you, people in motion, so we can all together stick jumps and express the creativity around one single jump.

The skeleton represents us all as practitioners. Intentionally without reference to ability, race, sex, age or physique. We all share the same love of parkour and especially sticking jumps. It’s about the feeling. Hence, this challenge is for everyone who feels.

The pressure is mounting.
All of the World’s emotions
are swirling around your head.
The landing surface isn’t perfect
– and will never be.
You start to clear your mind.
You MUST stick this jump…

The Skochy #StickItChallenge has begun.

We are calling all Supreme Stick Masters to take up this challenge. Why?
Because we care about beautiful, delicious sticks. We want YOU to improve your sticks, as we know that they produce the most wonderful feeling. That satisfaction, control, co-ordination. That total and complete mastery of the obstacle.

Sticking jumps is one of the foundations of Parkour. Sticking jumps makes this World a better place. It makes us happy to see you all happily sticking challenging jumps. That’s why we will be giving away some great gear to celebrate the nicest sticks over the next few months. So gear up, grab your crew and head outside and attempt the Skochy #StickItChallenge !

Download Stick-it-Challenge-list  

How to participate in the #StickItChallenge?
There are two ways.



You can stick them all?

Show us on Youtube! 
1. Stick all 11 jumps
2. Make a YouTube video of your jumps
3. Use ’Skochy Stick It Challenge’ in the video name
Make sure you show us all 11 jumps in one video.

In the beginning of September we will choose the two (him and her) Supreme Stick It Masters who show the most skilled, creative and unique sticking jumps.

Reward: 2021 Sticking Trophy AND one-of-a-kind, custom Skochy designed piece of clothing.

Ends: September 10th 2021



You can’t stick them all but you nailed some of the jumps from our list?

Show us on Instagram!
1. Stick any jump from the list
2. Post it on Instagram as post or reels
3. Make sure you use #StickitChallenge and tag @Skochypstiks 

One Clip, One Stick.
You can post as many sticks you can stick! 
Reward: 3 x Stick It Collection Bundle for The Best Single Stick AND 3 x a Skochy coupon code for our web shop.

Ends: Last day of each month (June, July and August)

*NOTICE* On top of all that, Skochy will reward each of you who completes the 11 jumps from our challenge list and makes a YouTube video. You will receive a token of our recognition and a discount code for you making the world a better place and being a Stick it Master! 

The #StickItChallenge runs through June, July and August.
Contact us with any questions, and HAPPY STICKING! 
Facebook: @Skochy

Ends: September 10th 2021

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