Smash Monday – Cossack Squat

COSSACK SQUAT     The Cossack Squat is a form of a mobility where you [...]

Smash Monday – Core Training

SMASH MONDAY – Core training   When it comes to core training, that is something [...]

A Monumental Tour. Part 9: Knin

Part nine of our epic trip across Former Yugoslavia. Catch up here: part one, two, three, four, [...]

Skochy Interview | Bogdan ‘Boki’ Cvetković

Hi Boki! 2003 was 15 years ago, That’s more than half of your life!  Back [...]

Esprit Concrete, Crisis, and a Big Bag of Love

Esprit Concrete is a parkour and Art du Deplacement coaching organisation that seeks to give [...]

Skochy Interview | Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat

Hi Blane, can you tell us something about yourself, maybe something that we don’t know? I [...]

Supreme Parkour Armageddon

  In the words of Monty Python, “Finland, Finland, Finland”. This country probably doesn’t spring [...]

New team member – Andy Day

We are very proud to announce Andy Day as a member of the Skochypstiks team. [...]

Inclusive Practice and Parkour – Definitions of Inclusive Practice

After recently giving a talk on Inclusive Practice at the Art of Retreat, I agreed [...]

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