We are very proud to announce Andy Day as a member of the Skochypstiks team. Andy will be writing stuff in proper english for a change, with an original British sense of humour (we hope XD), as an author in our Skochy Magazine, and he will be partly involved in managing our social media content.

His eye was always observing, his thoughts well received by the community worldwide, his research has a deep contemplation and his photos are all around the world in magazines, books, online, exhibitions and more. Just name it. Our team is constantly growing with that idea, and our new member has been in involved with parkour from the early days, watching and growing with parkour people from a slightly different perspective.

Every member of our team has been in the parkour world for at least a little while. That’s because we believe that it is people who have lived in the parkour world that can best understand the needs of other parkour people.

Check Andy’s first blog over here: A Monumental Tour”
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“Andy Day is an internationally published photographer specialising in adventure sports, travel, architectural and landscape photography. He has been photographing physical interaction with the city since 2003. With an MA in Photography from Goldsmiths, he also speaks, teaches and writes about visual culture and the sociology of urban space.”

sorse: andyday.com


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