Because sticking jumps makes this World a better place!

One month. 30 days. One jump per day. Every day a new jump. But can you stick with it and finish the challenge?

Find one jump to stick (new day, new jump) each day for 30 days during October, film it, post it on IG (as a story, reel, post). Inspire others to stick their jumps, that’s the goal. Inspire others to move. 

In the end, make one video out of these 30 stuck jumps and post as a reel or a YT video. Our team will choose the most inspiring compilation and reward the winner with new STICK IT T-shirt and $100 in the SKOCHY shop.

Make sure you tag @Skochypstiks and hashtag #Skochy, as well as #StickIt30days so we can find your videos. 

From October 1st to 31st. Go!

Parkour Stick it T-shirt Black
Stick it T-shirt

The pressure is mounting.
All of the World’s emotions
are swirling around your head.
The landing surface isn’t perfect
– and will never be.
You start to clear your mind.
You MUST stick this jump…


Sticking jumps is essential. We’ve all been there. We’ve built so many moves and flows and challenges and tricks around that one little stick in the end. It shows the skill, it completes the move. It demonstrates the control we have over the motion.

This year’s #SkochyChallenge is no different than any other – we’re here to inspire you to move! Use your creativity and experience, go out and play with different environments and obstacles. Stick a whole flow or a flip, stick a slide down the bar, stick it out of a roll – your imagination is the limit.

Sticking jumps is one of the foundations of Parkour and Freerunning. The idea is to fill the month of October with inumerable great sticks. Post one every day and trust us: your motion will inspire someone else to go and try sticking some jumps as well. 



In order to participate and win $100 in Skochy shop and a T-shirt
you have to stick one jump a day, post it and tag @skochypstiks, hashtag #Skochy #Stickit30days and in the end post your compilation video of 30 jumps by October 31st. 

On top of all that, Skochy will reward each of you who complete the 30 day challenge and make a compilation video. You will receive a token of our recognition and a discount code for you making the world a better place and being a Stick it Master! 

The #StickIt30Days runs from October 1st – 31st 2022.
Contact us with any questions, and HAPPY STICKING!

Facebook: @Skochy

  • 1 Challenge
  • 31 day
  • 20 countries
  • 60+ people has joined
  • 37 people finished the challenge 
  • Over 1760 stuck jumps
  • 14 years old youngest participant 
  • 60 years old oldest participant
  • Skochy gave away over 800€ in gear and gifts

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Instagram: #StickItChallenge
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