“feeling of nothing holding you back”

This is the thing. We really loved the Original Skochy pants that were made back in 2011. From this love came the idea of Skochy Leggings – old-school look and with a fully functional pocket.

With every new stitch we make we learn something new and get inspired by different shapes and materials and colors. It inspires us to play, with clothes as much as with movement. That is why we combine these two. And that is why we decided to bring you the product which links the old-school way with today’s generation who grows and develops the discipline in its own way. One of these ways is more girls and women in parkour! Supporting ladies in the world of parkour by providing them with gear they love and feel comfortable in – that is one of the main things we strive with our new parkour leggings. As our wise friend likes to say: “If we see more women practicing parkour, then more women will practice parkour. It’s that simple.“

So – Skochy leggings with a pocket. And when we say ‘pocket’ we mean a real fit-your-phone-pocket, not those tiny, almost useless key pouches most fitness leggings come with. Fit a 6” phone pocket in our leggings! Another important thing is that they come in two different cuts, for women and for men. 

You know how you’ve got categories of leggings? There are leggings you sleep in, go for brekkie near by, the leggings you run indoor in, and then the leggings for watching Chernobyl because you think it will protect you from radiation. So, good news is that you can do all of the above in LegØmotion.

But #LegØmotion are primarily made for outdoor actions. They will serve you well in harsh wind and low temperatures, providing you with perfect stretchyness and they will follow your movement without holding you back! 



Skochy logo embroidery on the lower side of left leg
Super stretchy fabric that follows your movement
One side pocket (that fits regular phone)
Yellow fabric breaking the monotonous black
Protection from low temperatures and wind
Different cut for women and men


Black with yellow details
Black logo


95% polyester
5% lycra



Help us develop and understand movers needs better!

All of you who already have our leggings, please leave a review on our website. It will help other people in deciding if this is the right product for them, and it will help us understand your needs more and make better things in the future!

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Hey, the most importantly, stay in motion and always challenge yourself.


Photos by: Andy Day Photography 
Women’s model: Marta Šumonja-Ćirić, height 160cm wearing leggings XS size
Men’s model: Jovan Korićanac, height 183cm wearing leggings L size 


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