Our new Winter 2016/17 Tracers collection campaign was shot by Matej Snopek and Boris Lazić, and features beautiful and talented models. Fall in love with our Tracers collection of pants and hoodies. We’re welcoming Winter with heavy material and geometric shapes.

Our new collection is inspired by the Yamakasi training motto “Always challenge yourself” as well as the ‘Dragon ball’ anime – training with super heavy gear – inspired us to really create a ‘heavy gear’.



Our models Greta Vincetić and Tomislav Tadić were the perfect training partners to represent our new collection – young and powerful new generation of dedicated and well trained people.

One of the most important aspects in ensuring the campaign had a ‘heavy’ feel was the location and conditions. Old Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad (built in 16 th and 17 th century) was the perfect place. The whole Skochy story stared in the city of Novi Sad, six years ago. Temperature low of minus 13 degrees and getting up before sun is what Yamakasi people are used to do – to go and train before sunrise and then enjoy watching the day starts.

The new collection introduces products rich in details, metal zippers, embroidery on the chest and the sleeve, small pocket for traveling ticket or credit card, zipped pockets, stretchable parts that will support every move. All that in dark grey and black.



This collection introduces new styles combined with the original tracer spirit.


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