If someone said 8/9 years ago that I would make clothes, I would laugh very loudly. XD

Little less than 7 years ago, I met Kristina Ivković, Skochypstiks’ co founder and clothes designer, a girl who lived in the fashion world before she even set foot on the doorstep of one of the best academies in the world of fashion design, in Milan.
It all started in 2010, when Kristina sent me a gift, with specially designed pieces of clothing for training or everyday use. Not much later in 2011, together we designed and produced our first Skochypstiks hoodie.

Saša Ševo

“With the help from our friends from the community clothing brand is born”

“From people in motion
for people in motion”



In the past 5 years, we crafted and shaped the Skochypstiks into what it is now.

It’s a link between the Kristina’s crazy world, colorful, full of ideas and knowledge about the design, and my world of creativity, movement and passion for the discipline of Art Du Déplacement / Parkour. Also with the help from our friends. Many people, our friends from the balkan parkour community and after beyond participated in the creation of the brand in a variety of ways. Graphic design, photography, packaging, ideas, suggestions, criticisms, or simply sometimes going to the post office to send a package. So we grow together and create together. “from people in motion, for people in motion”.

A brand that makes uniquely designed, colorful, sometimes crazy but for sure different clothes. Using Kristina’s motto “to paint over the grey world”, to kill the monotony of boring clothing industry.

In the last few months we worked on our latest “TRACERS” collection. It was interesting and difficult, with many obstacles, mistakes and challenges, but as always, there are obstacles to overcome and we all know who is the best in that…


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