Smash Monday – Assisted Leg Dip

Assisted Leg Dip If your goal is to get your first Dip, then this post [...]

Smash Monday – Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift In the last #SmashMonday we talked about the Squat, how to do it [...]

Smash Monday – The Back Squat

The Back Squat If you are an athlete who has been doing only bodyweight training [...]

Smash Monday – Pancake Good Morning

Smash Monday – Pancake Good Morning Welcome back to another episode of smash Monday In [...]

Smash Monday – Face Pulls

Face Pulls (Rings) Achieving structural balance is really important when it comes to performance and [...]

Skochy Jam – Zadar

SKOCHY JAM Zadar – June 2019 Skochy Jam is happening again, 8 years after the [...]

Smash Monday – Chest & Triceps Workout

Chest & Triceps Workout Workout Guideline Dips – 6-10 Reps Wide Push Up – 8-12 [...]

Smash Monday – Quick Ab Workout

Quick Ab Workout In this video I demonstrated how you can train your abs with [...]

Art Of Retreat

Why ‘Art of Retreat’? Five minutes into my first breakfast with Art of Retreat’s director [...]