Face Pulls (Rings)

Achieving structural balance is really important when it comes to performance and injury prevention.

Most of the exercises we do are focused on our internal rotators and to balance that out we need to work on our external rotators and The Face Pull is a really good exercise to use when it comes to this. Doing this exercises there are a few pointers you should focus your attention at.

Keeping the elbows below the shoulder height and a 90° angle in the elbows
Depressing and retracting your shoulders
Controlling the whole movement Avoid elevation and protraction of the shoulders while doing this movement.

This exercise will also work your rear deltoids and rhomboids Keeping the tempo slower (don’t go too fast) and the reps higher will give you a good overall workout.

Workout by: Petar Smash, personal coach.

Instagram: @smash_training

Facebook: @smashtrain

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