Smash Monday – Pancake Good Morning

Welcome back to another episode of smash Monday In this episode we will be looking at the pancake good mornings and how to progress towards the pancake good mornings on the floor.

First, we will start in the standing straddle position. The main and most important thing here is to learn how to keep the anterior pelvic tilt while doing this exercise.
By doing this you will mainly focus on stretching your hamstrings and how not lowerback. As you get stronger you will ether keep your hands behind your back or add additional weight to this exercise.
Try to keep the eccentric and concentric part of the movement slow and controlled. While lowering down push your hips back and keep your back straight. As you move on from the standing good mornings we want to sit back on a bench or a box. Here we are going to repeat the same things we did while standing. Also focus on using your muscles to pull yourself deeper into the stretch. Flexing your quads and using your hip flexors you will push yourself deeper into the stretch.

As you get stronger your body will allow you to get deeper into the stretch When you have reached the floor it’s simply a matter of time you will get a flat pancake. Here you can also use your bodyweight or add additional weight to pull you deeper. Doing 10 reps and holding 10s at the bottom position at the final repetition will be enough. Thumbs up if you liked this episode and subscribe..

LWorkout by: Petar Smash, personal coach.
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