To have a fast climb up you will need to be strong in the pulling and the pushing part, but also you will need to develop a solid technique overall.

Having a good grip strength and a fast pull in the beginning of the climb up can be a game changer in terms of speed and technique. Working on the pulling separately can help you develop a good overall pulling strength that can later be transferred to a good and fast climb up.

To increase the intensity of the exercise, you can use tempo or a weighted west. Working on a 5 repetition range for strength and a 2-3 repetition range when it comes to explosive movement.
Working on your foot placement is also important when it comes to the technique. Placing the bottom leg on the top and not letting it slide down, but instead pushing from that leg and using the swing of the of other leg to kick up and land on your feet. If the leg kick is a problem, you focus more attention to this part by kicking up from the support hold position while having slightly bent arms.

If you are a beginner and you are just starting to work towards your climb up, you can focus your attention on developing strength in the pulling, dipping and in the transition. Working on your grip strength while hanging can also benefit you in the future. Working on these movements you will also have a transfer to your muscle ups, pull ups, dips and other movements.
Focus your attention on these exercises for 4 – 8 weeks and I can guarantee you will feel the increase of strength and you might even land your first climb up. Later when you have gotten stronger in these parts you can focus your attention to more explosive movements show in the first half of the video.

Since the climb up has a grip transfer in the movement this might be a problem in the beginning because you will lack the necessary explosive strength to pull yourself high enough to come to the top position, that’s why I suggest the use of the overgrip in the beginning until you have gathered enough explosive pulling strength to pull yourself high enough.

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