The Back Squat

If you are an athlete who has been doing only bodyweight training you must have noticed that for the development of the lower body you need to add some weight. Yes, BW training for your lower body is ok, but reaching a full potential without weight is just another fairytale if you ask me. No number of reps and sets you do with BW training can overpower the weighted exercises.

To become strong in your upper and lower body you will need to add some weighted work. The Back Squat is one of the best lower body exercises I strongly recommend to every athlete out there, not only for the benefit of STRENGTH, but also MOBILITY and other things like building more muscle mass and bone density. You can use it to build maximal strength, explosiveness, reactive strength, inertia and starting strength which means your Vertical and Broad jump will increase your sprint and many more.

Staying SAFE is really important here. Doing this exercise correctly will keep you away from injuries. Here are some tips you can use:

-Keep a tight grip on the bar and keep the elbows under the bar
-Squeeze your shoulders back and set a bar on your traps
-This will make the force transfer from legs to the bar
-Step back and find a foot position that is best for your hips
-Breathe into your stomach and keep your back straight
-This will tighten your core and keep your spine safe
-Lower down with control while keeping the knees in the line with the feet
-Let your knees go over your toes
-No, this is not bad for the knees.
-Squat back up as fast as you can while
“Pushing the knees outside”
-This will help with the knees caving in

Start light in the beginning and gradually add weight each training session you do. Squatting 1-2 a week should be more than enough. Start doing squats with the TEMPO in the beginning. Do a fast concentric and a 3-4s eccentric.

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