Why parkour is better when shared?

A short story from our founder Saša Ševo and his #PartnerParkour experience.

In my almost 20 years long parkour journey I did train a lot on my own, but training with a friend(s) is always something special – when you have someone to share and exchange the experience with. The energy, combining ideas, pushing each other and support – that is more parkour/art du deplacement to me than anything else. That is how this idea of #PartnerParkour came to be, from my digging through the memories of my training partners. So I want to share that with you and thank them for being part of it!

Marko Janković – Novi Sad / Serbia

You are my first true training partner. We’ve had countless training sessions together, we coached together, opened the first parkour classes in Novi Sad back in 2009 together and you taught me how to plan and organize a class. Thank you for all that painful stretching and for a bit of basketball.

Mirko Svrabić – Zagreb / Croatia

We had a continuous 3 years of amazing and crazy time together, like that muscle up challenges on the frozen bars (without gloves ofc), visiting all the parkour events around Yugoslavia, organizing some of them and visiting some international ones, spending hours and hours coaching in Zagreb. Thank you for letting me live at you place free of charge, for letting me use your health insurance card that one time when I slipped on a dive roll, for all the other crazy shit and thank you for being my brother.

Evan Beyer – Boston / USA

You are my American brother across the pond and I shared life with you for 3 months. Thank you for all the amazing training (not the stadium!), for helping me in the unknown land, for pushing me, for all that biking and surviving that crash (that was a scary one), for improving my English (to some extent) and for sharing your life with me, it is a true inspiration!

Laurent Piemontesi – Milan / Italy

You’ve let me experience the Yamak life. Those 7-8 months of living with you was the best thing that a kid doing Parkour/ADD could imagine. You have been my training partner, my friend, my older brother, master, father figure and a movie star. Thank you for letting me feel what does it truly mean to be a YAMAK for a while (it is not an easy job), for waiting on me (in a handstand!) when I couldn’t keep up with your pace, for all the work we did around Italy and beyond and for all the mocking and fun we had. I don’t thank you for putting salt in my juice though. But I still talk about the 101 non stop in the snow.

Tomislav Tadic – Zadar / Croatia

The youngling, the one who overpowers the teacher. Thank you for pushing me to give it another try, for calling me for training when I was not in the mood, for embodying the whole ‘just ONE more’ philosophy, for inspiring me to do more and bringing the fresh energy into my old-school methods.

Thanks to everyone who decided to participate in #SkochyGames of Partner Parkour! I truly hope it was an inspiring experience for you.

Training alone is great and necessary to grow, but sharing knowledge and learning another perspective is what makes us grow into better human beings. At least I think it worked for me.

Cherish that person/people who you share your parkour struggles with – the journey is always better when shared.

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