Partner up with Friends In Motion!

Welcome to SKOCHY’S Partner Parkour Challenge!

Dive (roll) into our new Challenge and get ready to showcase your parkour creativity through the connection with your folks. Show us the love for and through the movement, and maybe get some Skochy awards! Here are the rules to participate:

Partner UP!

Team up with your partner to create a playful but challenging parkour video. The more, the merrier—invite two or more people to join you in the frame!


It’s a Challenge, so let your parkour skills shine. Showcase the essence of movement and collaboration, combined with uniqueness of your style.


Your video should be a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute, give or take. Keep it concise, energetic, and full of excitement.


Post your Partner Parkour video on your Instagram Reel, but make sure to tag @Skochypstiks and hashtag #PartnerParkour, so we don’t miss your performance!


The best parkour video will not only win SKOCHY Gear but also receive a $100 reward in our shop. Show us what you’ve got and don’t forget – it’s about the skill but also about the connection with your partner(s)!


Make sure to submit your videos before February 14th. Get ready to leap, climb, and flip your way to this love-celebrating day. Good luck, and may the most daring parkour partnership prevail!

EXTENDED until FEB 18th! 

7. What are we looking for?

If you are joining the project, we are already happy and satisfied. Our mission is to keep you moving and have a good time. However… 
Our quest to find the winners of the SKOCHY #PartnerParkour Challenge is no ordinary task. Three judges will be on the lookout for: Creativity, Connection in Motion, and Love for the Craft within the realm of parkour.
Judges: Marta Šumonja Ćirić, Mirko Svrabić, Bogdan Cvetković. 

1. Creativity Unleashed: The more imaginative your parkour expressions, the better. Show us the lines never seen before! 

2. Connection in Motion: The power of partnership is paramount. The stronger the partnership, the more likely it is to catch the judges’ attention. Harmonize your moves, whether you’re physically connected or not you’ve got to feel the flow.

3. Love for the Craft: We like to think about parkour as of a passion, an art, rather than just a sport. We will be looking for videos that radiate a genuine love for the discipline. 


Facebook: @Skochy
YouTube: @Skochypstiks

Submissions 2024

We represent you all the participants of this year’s #PartnerParkour Challenge!

All videos are private, we do not use them for any promotional purposes but solely for representation of all of you who joined the Challenge.

Thank you for being part of another #SkochyGames and for joining us in inspiring people to move. Stay in motion and see you in the next Challenge!

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